C.A.M.E.O. – Come And Meet Each Other

C.A.M.E.O. was initiated when it was identified that for some of our ‘solitary’ parishioners their only social contact seemed to be at the midday Mass. A small group of our wonderful parishioners came up with the idea of offering a cuppa and a bite to eat after Friday’s Midday Mass, so there would be the opportunity to Come And Meet Each Other. Over the last three years, this has grown and approximately 40 people attend each Friday. A small number of parishioners provide a plate of finger food each week, and other Mass attendees, when the Spirit moves them, may also bring a plate. There is no expectation for people to ‘bring a plate’ or koha, as we don’t want to exclude anyone.

Last year, St James Catholic Primary School classes started attending Friday Masses (not included in number of attendees) and they are also provided with a drink and biscuits. This opportunity is an open invitation to Come And Meet Each Other to build community around refreshment, just as Jesus did.