St Peter’s College (years 7-13)

St Peter’s College celebrates being a Catholic faith community, where students, teachers and families work in partnership to develop empowered, self managing, lifelong learners who live the Gospel values in a changing world.

St Peter’s College is proudly Catholic. The College exists to provide the best possible education for our students. This means that we set out to develop three dimensions of the whole person: mind, body, spirit. The spiritual values that we live by are based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

There is a comprehensive Religion Studies programme in which everybody takes part. Moreover, all subjects are taught within a framework of Catholic values and teaching.

At St Peter’s College we place the education and achievement of our students at the centre of everything we do. Our College Vision has created a unique educational environment that delivers on this promise. Through a range of initiatives, St Peter’s has developed a distinctiveness that places it at the forefront of 21st century education.

We are committed to immerse our students in an education that is deeply rooted in the Catholic Faith and Catholic values. We focus on providing an outstanding education that is underpinned by a growing understanding of how each person can connect to Jesus Christ, to those around them, and to a life expressed in love, compassion and service. Our students learn to follow the words of our school prayer by being challenged everyday to “live lives that matter, lives that change our world for the better” with “eyes that see the needs of others and a heart that reaches out to fill those needs”. As a result, this values education will provide them with a moral compass to live out their faith beliefs in a world that will constantly challenge these beliefs.

We build a strong partnership between parents, students and the school through our unique “Connect to Succeed” programme, where every student and parent works hand in hand with a “Learning Coach” in a partnership that will guide and plan an educational pathway tailored to meet each individual’s particular future needs.

We have developed a 21st century, modern learning environment, which enriches student learning, enhances collaboration, and promotes self-management skills. We encourage the use of digital technologies through our Bring Your Own Device policy, and have free ultra-fast broadband Wi-Fi access throughout the school. Learn nore about the college by following this link to our website at